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November 7th – 9th

Sharon Wegscheider-Cruse

As a pioneer in the Children of Alcoholics Movement and the Codependency Movement, Sharon has helped countless people all over the world heal from their painful past and forge a better tomorrow for themselves and future generations. She was a protege of one of the major family founders – Virginia Satir and traveled the world bringing hope and help to all families. She began in the field of addiction and moved into family therapy – envisioning specific treatment modalities for individuals and for families.

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Sharon served as the founding chairperson of the National Association of Children of Alcoholics and created the well known treatment and workshop center – Onsite Workshop, currently in TN. . Onsite has been bringing skills, treatment programs, training and workshops since l978.

Sharon has worked as a therapist, businesswoman, public speaker, industry consultant, non-profit agencies, the Air Force, and specialized in private sector corporations and trust fund families. Sharon has written 20 books, translated into 13 languages. She has traveled the world and worked in every state of the USA as well as parts of Europe, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. She has appeared on the Larry King Show, Good Morning America, Oprah and countless radio shows. She is a master storyteller and continues her journey by working in the Caregiving Field.

Patrick Egan

Patrick Egan is a Caregiving “gentrepreneur” who lives in Boulder, CO and is the caregiver for his parents who live in a Senior Community nearby. He has a passion for using technology in a way that enhances and adds fun to the caregiver experience. He understands the huge benefits digital tech can provide, while at the same time helping others grapple with the overwhelming number of issues that technology can present.

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Prior to founding Tech That Cares, he served as VP of Human Resources for the Global HealthCare Exchange, created by industry-leading health care firms including Medtronic, GE, Johnson and Johnson, Abbott and Baxter International. He has over 20 years of in-depth HR experience at Medtronic and Cargill in Employment, Merger & Acquisition due diligence, Sales Support and Management /Organization Development.

He holds a BA in Communications from The University of Colorado and an MBA in Management from The College of St. Thomas.

He likes like to use humor and empathy to help others transition from technical overwhelm to using tech that cares – both for the caregiver and the caree.

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