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My BIOGRAPHY STORY is the story of all stories.

Wish I would have said it, but didn’t – Oprah Winfrey said it. “You can have it all, not just all at the same time”. My life has “had it all” and I am grateful. Early life in the small town of Comfrey, MN was the greatest of all childhoods. Being raised by parents and a family clan gave me confidence, a sense of belonging. and experiences that made me tackle life on my own terms. Those terms included:

Adult life in Minneapolis, MN
High Point – Giving birth to three children learning about motherhood.
The whole story of moving from Sharon Roelandt to Sharon Egan to Sharon Wegscheider-Cruse.
More adult life in Austin, TX, Palm Springs, CA, Rapid City, SD (Black Hills), Las Vegas, NV, Marine on St. Croix, MN and currently, Louisviile, CO.


Metropolitan State College – MN
University of Minnesota – MN
Graduate School – St. Mary’s College, MN

Specialty Education in the areas of:

Family Systems
Chemical Dependency & Addiction
Psychodrama & Gestalt
The Eselen Experience

INFORMAL EDUCATION was usually creating professional opportunity.

Founding Educational and Counseling Agencies became a specialty project, starting with The Family Factory, The House, The Family Care of Johnson Institute (all Minnesota) and finally the project of a lifetime – the founding of ONSITE WORKSHOPS (Nashville, TN) in l978 and for 25 years watching that company become a global company. Three owners since l978 (me, Klontz-Zugich and Miles Adcox) . Great story in itself. ONSITE continues today.

Following family life, education and professional life has taken me to travel the world throughout United States, Europe, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. Along the way of “having it all” has been the fulfillment of being a co-founder of the National Association of Children of Alcoholics, consultant to the Air Force, appearances on The Today Show, Oprah Winfrey, Phil Donahue and eventually the publication of 23 books, (a few best sellers).


More than 40 of these years were spent in an ongoing marriage/love affair that tells many stories. (Joe Cruse). Loving my children and granddchildren gives me great purpose. So does my weekly message of my Ponderings. I will always be working on a new book.

Currently, my life is Full of Family, Friends, Faith and Fulfillment. What else is there?

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