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Sharon Wegscheider-Cruse

Author of 21 published books, including ground breaking  best sellers “Another Chance: Hope and Health for Alcoholic Families”, “Learning to Love Yourself”, “Choicemaking” and many more.  Her most recent book was  “Caregiving: Hope and Help for Caregiving Families”.  And watch for a new storytelling  book (in process of publication  2022).

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Sharon was co-founder of The National Association for Children of Alcoholics .  She founded Onsite Workshops, (treatment and training)  now located in Tennessee and California. Today Onsite  serves individuals and trains professionals all over the world. Onsite  (and Sharon’s work) has been available to thousands of people over forty years.  She has conducted workshops in every state  in  the United States, Europe, Australia, New Zealand,  and Canada. Sharon was the first recipient of  “The Marty Mann Award”, (field of addiction 1988),  and the U.S. Journal of Alcohol & Drug Dependence Special Recognition Award of 1985. Onsite Founder Award 2008.   Sharon served on countless boards and advisory committees from l978 until early 2012.  She conducted workshops for the US Airforce,  corporations including Burlington Railroad, Dain Investments, United Airlines, school systems,  Cargill, Inc.,  PIllsbury, General Mills, and the Pentagon.
She is a veteran of numerous TV and radio appearances (NPR, Twin Cities Today, and Phil Donahue, late night TV and repeated visits to The Oprah Winfrey show.).
Her former newsletter and monthly message has been replaced by  “PONDERINGS”,  a weekly one liner and short message reflecting on an idea to carry and incorporate during the current week (Please enter your information above to be put on the Ponderings newsletter list). 
At the present time, Sharon lives her life in Colorado, treasuring her time with her children,  grandchildren and treasured friends.. She serves as mentor to women (and many men) who live all over the world.   

Patrick Egan

Patrick Egan is a Caregiving “gentrepreneur” who lives in Boulder, CO and is the caregiver for his parents who live in a Senior Community nearby. He has a passion for using technology in a way that enhances and adds fun to the caregiver experience. He understands the huge benefits digital tech can provide, while at the same time helping others grapple with the overwhelming number of issues that technology can present.

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Prior to founding Tech That Cares, he served as VP of Human Resources for the Global HealthCare Exchange, created by industry-leading health care firms including Medtronic, GE, Johnson and Johnson, Abbott and Baxter International. He has over 20 years of in-depth HR experience at Medtronic and Cargill in Employment, Merger & Acquisition due diligence, Sales Support and Management /Organization Development.

He holds a BA in Communications from The University of Colorado and an MBA in Management from The College of St. Thomas.

He likes like to use humor and empathy to help others transition from technical overwhelm to using tech that cares – both for the caregiver and the caree.

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